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Are Baby Browns Just as Deadly?

Research has revealed a stark difference between the venom of juvenile and adult brown snakes.

The Venom of young browns attacks the nervous system, while the venom of older snakes has dangerous effects on the circulatory system.

The venom of brown snakes becomes even more potent with age, with adult and baby snakes venom containing different toxins to kill prey.

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The venom yield between juvenile and adults also varies. A small snake will have smaller venom gland and therefore produce a small venom yield, vs an adult who will have a larger venom gland and produce a greater yield.

On average an adult brown snake injects anywhere from 5 mg to 155 mg per bite.

The average human perishes with only 3 mg of eastern brown snake venom!!

The exception to this rule comes by way of species locality. Common eastern browns from the southern regions are smaller and will produce less venom to that of a northern brown who are generally much larger and produce a larger venom yield.

The most powerful ingredient is a potent presynaptic neurotoxin, which paralyses the nerves of the heart, lungs and diaphragm, suffocating the victim. It also contains a powerful procoagulant.

The eastern brown snake has a LD 50 score of .03, which means it is extremely toxic.

If you are bitten by a snake call 000 and apply snake bite first aid.

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