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Solar snake repellers, do they actually work?

Solar snake repellers claim to deter or keep snakes away by way of emitting sounds and frequently changing pulsations and vibrations through the ground up to 25m2 radius from the point of installation.

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Various pest control companies sell these products, provide installation and some even offer annual repeller servicing!...... you may as well be flushing your money down the toilet, because these devices simply don't work.

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To be honest if they did work, I myself would be selling them and offering and installation service. However, like hundreds of others snake catchers around the country, I too catch snakes around these devices often.

Their is simply no scientific basis to support that claim that these devices work.

Not to mention snakes don't have ears, so the sounds these devices emit literally falls on "deaf ears"

Second, an animal such as snakes, that are terrestrial being spending its whole life on the ground, is not going to be sensitive to or perturbed by vibrations!

Myself and many other snake catchers do not like these products as they give people a false sense of security and often people will relay on these to keep snakes away and not address the issues at hand that may in fact be attracting or appealing to snakes to begin with, such as rodent infestation, insecure yard fencing, overgrown unkept lawns and gardens and so forth.

Other products that claim to repel or deter snakes such as liquid chemicals are also ineffective, have not been scientifically trailed and tested, and quite often evaporate/dissipate or are washed away within days of the chemical having been applied, meaning re application would need to be done several times a week costing you precious time and money!

The below 4 basic tips for a snake free home will certainly significantly reduce the likelihood of an unwanted visitor, and will deter any snakes from wanting to hang around.

Another way to prevent snakes from entering your property is to create a physical barrier where by they cannot enter at all!

Snakes find access to yards via open fencing or gaps in fence lines. To stop a snake from entering your property all gaps in fences should be sealed over, and open fencing can be lined with various materials to stop the snake from being able to get through.

Snakes like to travel along edges, walls and fence lines in order to feel protected whilst moving from one destination to another. When these snakes come across a gap, they will move through it. Hence how they enter yards.

Gutter mesh and mouse proof aviary wire are two great materials that can be used to create a physical barrier to stop snakes from being able to enter our yards, and can also be used to line and protect outdoor aviaries, dog pens and cat enclosures.

The key to any material used to keep snakes out is that it must have a small aperture of less than 10mm square, as small snakes can squeeze through some small holes!

Bare in mind that we do live in Australia. Snake are pretty much found all over Australia and a snake sighting or encounter is bound to happen at some point in your lifetime.

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