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Snake stuck down a mine shaft

Earlier this year I was contacted by a member of the public who upon a routine walk through local bushland, had discovered a Red Bellie Black Snake down an old mineshaft.

The member of the public placed a long large branch down the mine shaft in hopes that the snake would find the stick and climb out on its own.

Several day later the (MOP) returned back to the mine shaft to find that the snake was still stuck down the mine shaft and was struggling to climb the stick.

But this time the snake had been down the mine shaft for over a week.

The member of public got in tough with me and filled me in on the situation and the following day I headed to the mine shaft to asses the situation.

As it is too dangerous to venture down the mineshaft, I gathered some equipment in hope to coax the snake into one of my snake bags by lowering the bag down on an extendable pole.

After around 45 of patience and gentle coaxing, the snake slowly made its way into the bag, and was carefully raised back up to ground level.

After a health check and some R and R the Red Bellie was able to be release back to the bushland soon after (away from any other mine shafts)

This rescue was mineshaft rescue NUMBER 2 for the season. Ill be back with some more mine shaft rescue stories soon....

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