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Tips for preventing an unwanted visitor!

Spring has come and gone and now we are into SUMMER!

By now most people will have tackled those yard tasks and are keeping up to date with garden maintenance, however....

Alarmingly I'm still attending properties who have left things a little too late, and snakey visitors have made their way into the backyard jungle!

Fear not, I am always here to assist. I understand that things like yard maintenance can be difficult to keep up with and sometimes it's not until a snake appears that the importance of yard and property maintenance really hits home.

Their are 4 basic rules for deterring the visitation of a snake, and these are....

1. Keep lawns trim and maintained regularly through Spring/Summer.

2. Keep wood piles/debris neatly stacked, elevated off the ground and away from the house.

3. Keep pests and rodents under control as they are a food source for snakes.

4. Keep any pet food stored in sealed containers to deter rodents.

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